Light weight,

A high level of generality

for various manual wheelchairs,

IoT technologies for convenience.

Wheeling Beyond Limits!


Don't worry whether Todo-Drive

is applicable to your wheelchair or not.

It is well-suited to foldable wheelchairs,

fixed frame wheelchairs and etc..

You can fit easily todo-drive on your wheelchair!


A simple usage.

Power on, Pull levers and

Control the joystick.

If you want to handle manually,

release the levers and push rims as you did.

With a compact and 5kg-light kit,

Feel comfortable

like drive electric wheelchairs.

A 0.9kg removable battery pack

makes your journey lighter.

What if you can steer wheelchairs with your smart phone?

Todo-Drive application helps you remote-control your todo-drive.


Even you can set up maximum speed

and sensitivity of the joystick though the App.


※ The left image shows an example.

Actual components depend on your specific order.





Todo-drive is not only a machine for users

who push wheelchairs manually,

but Todo-drive is also the first solution for

a difficulty of the disabled, using IT technologies.

We mind not ‘most of us’, but ‘all of us’.

We develop devices for tech marginalized people applying appropriate technologies.

If one feels necessaries,

it is a enough for us to work.


Todo means ‘all’ in Spanish.

Todo-works products for all, not for the majority. We do what we all need to do.


Electric kit for wheelchair,

Wheeling Beyond Limits

Order and Services

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3. Make a visiting schedule for installation

4. Make the payment

after installation


※ Sorry, Orders are limited only for South Korea now.

    We are trying to service oversea countries as soon as possible.

Thank you for the order!

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"We wish just more of children could play outside."

We start todo-works with this hope.

Ottobock Korea Healthcare

walks together for our children.